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Winter Challenge

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Platform: Windows
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Category: Sports

Winter Challenge 2008 is a venturesome and dynamic sports simulation, which allows the player to become a practise different winter sports diciplines.

The game is a precise simulation of sportsmen's actions. The control of your virtual copy will allow you to feel yourself a speed-skater on a skater track and when performing a ski jump, a sportsman speeding on a luge or a bob sleigh, or even become a curling skip. This simulation requires excellent reaction, the feeling of the track, concentration, and precise estimation of power. Just imagine - you are a speed-skater on a skater track and while performing a ski jump you are speeding on a luge or a bob sleigh, or even become a curling skip!

Features :
  • Five competition types: Ski Jumping, Bobsleigh, Curling, Luge, Speed Skating
  • Different skills needed to win in different types of competitions
  • 20 teams and nations
  • Realistic movement speed
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • First or third person view
  • Replay option

  • Windows 2000, XP & Vista
  • CPU mind. 1,2 GHz
  • RAM 256 MB
  • Hard Disk Space 400 MB
  • Grafik 128 MB Graficard, DirectX® 9

System requirements+
  • Windows 2000, XP & Vista
  • CPU mind. 1,2 GHz
  • RAM 256 MB
  • Hard Disk Space 400 MB
  • Grafik 128 MB Graficard, DirectX® 9

Product Details
Title: Winter Challenge
Language(s): English (UK)
Genre: Sports
Release date: 23.09.2008
Partner: KALYPSO
Not suitable for children under 4 years
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Download-Speed Filesize: 156.96 MB
DSL 32000: 40 seconds
DSL 25000: 51 seconds
DSL 16000: 1 minute
DSL 6000: 3 minutes

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