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Special case: Tages (error 13:6)

The Tages copy protection is implemented via a special driver. Without this driver, a game protected by Tages can not be used.

If it is not already in place, the Tages driver will be installed at first. For the Tages driver and the associated copy protection, the following information applies:

  • No personal data is submitted for the activation

  • Up to three activations are available. Registering again is only necessary if you re-install your operating system or the hardware configuration has been changed.

  • After each installation of the operating system, a new activation must take place. If the hardware of your PC remains unaltered, the hash value will stay the same and no new activation will be used.

  • If the activation servers should be deactivated, a patch will be released which removes the copy protection.

  • An existent active internet connection is imperative for the activation.

  • After the successful activation, no active internet connection is needed to play the game.


Generally, there are two different possibilities to activate games that are protected by Tages, the manual activation and the automatic activation:

Automatic activation (if an active internet connection is available)

Please choose the automatic activation if an internet connection is available.


  1. Enter the serial number you have acquired from Gamesrocket.

  2. Choose the option “I do not have an activation code. I want to receive one.“ and click "Continue“.

  3. Choose “My internet connection is active ...“ and click “Continue“.

  4. The activation is accomplished.

Now the automatic activation should successfully be carried into effect. If you have problems during the process or if the activation does not work, please use the manual activation.

Manual activation (if no internet connection is available)


Please choose the manual activation if problems occur during the automatic activation or no active internet connection is available.


  1. Enter your activation code. The activation will be prepared. Click “Continue“.

  2. Choose “I have not received an activation code. I want to get one.“ after the activation has been prepared and click “Continue“.

  3. Choose the option “I do not have an active internet connection on this PC“ and click “Continue“.

  4. Click on the blue HTML link in the bottom left.

  5. Your web browser will open and a window will appear. You will see a code and the button “Load activation / Send request code“

  6. Click the button and save the file on your hard disk. Alternatively, you can copy the code into a file and save it.

  7. Start your game again and choose the option “I have received my active code online“, then click “Continue“.

  8. Enter the character sequence from the saved file and click “Continue“.


The manual activation should now successfully be completed. If you still have problems with the activation, please contact Tages' support

For further questions about the Tages driver and the Tages copy protection, we recommend the following website: Tages protection