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All-in-one suite to completely protect, maintain and manage your PC!

Hard Disk Manager Suite provides you with all of the tools you need to manage today’s hard drives, including partitioning, backup & restore, migration, optimization & defragmentation, hard drive disposal, boot management and system recovery.

This comprehensive package of functionality is accessible from one easy-to-use interface, so you don’t need to buy and install each package individually, saving you time and money.

Why Hard Disk Manager 2010 Suite?
  • Easily partition your hard drives and keep them optimally sized.
  • Manage multiple operating systems (up to 16) on a hard drive.

Backup and Restore
  • Protect your entire PC, including the operating system, applications, your settings, and all data files with easy-to-use backup tools.
  • Continue working on your computer while making backups.
  • Restore the entire disk contents in minutes - no reinstallations required!

Copying and Migration
  • Easily migrate an existing drive or partition to a new one - even to different hardware!

Optimisation and Defragmentation
  • Keep your system performing like it was when first installed.
  • Tune your system for maximum performance with a powerful defragmentation utility.

Advanced Recovery Utilities
  • Start the recovery process when booting your computer, even if your operating system has failed.

  • Maintain the confidentiality of your deleted data forever with a disk wiping utility.


Drive partitioning
  • Create, Format, Delete Partition: Creates, formats, deletes a partition
  • Express Create Partition: Creates an NTFS partition and makes it ready to use
  • Move/Resize Partitions: Moves a partition and/or changes its size
  • Express Resize Partition: Redistributes free space between two adjacent partitions
  • Convert File System: Changes a file system type
  • Make Partition Logical/Primary: Changes a partition type
  • Assign/Remove Drive Letter: Mounts a partition
  • Hide/Unhide Partition: Hides/Unhides a partition
  • Mark Partition Active/Inactive: Makes a partition active/inactive
  • Merge Partitions: Merges two partitions into one
  • Redistribute Free Space: Redistributes free space between partitions
  • Undelete Partitions: Recovers an accidentally deleted partition

Backup & Restore
  • Sector Backup: Creates a sector-level archive
  • File Backup: Creates a file-level archive
  • Differential Backup: Creates a differential to a full sector-level archive
  • File Increment: Creates an increment to the last file-level archive
  • File Complement: Creates a file increment to a full sector image
  • Backup to an FTP server: Creates a sector-level archive on FTP
  • Backup Capsule: A special secured place on the hard disk for storing archives
  • Backup to CD/DVD/Blu-ray: Burns archives to CD/DVD/Blu-ray media
  • Smart Backup: Secures system and data with minimal effort
  • Selective Restore: Extracts data from archives at a granular level

  • Defragment Partition: Defragments an NTFS or FAT partition
  • Defragment MFT: Defragments MFT (Master File Table)
  • Compact MFT: Shrinks MFT (Master File Table)

Data Copy and Transfer
  • One Button Copy:  Clones partition in one operation
  • Copy Partition: Clones contents of a partition
  • Copy Hard Disk: Clones contents of a hard disk
  • File Transfer Wizard: Transfers data between partitions of different file systems and archives

Virtualization and Migration
  • P2P Adjust OS: Tunes up drivers of an existing physical system to start up on different hardware
  • Scheduling: Schedules any set of operations

Additional Functionality
  • Boot Manager: Installs a boot manager utility
  • Install New OS: Prepares a hard disk for an additional OS
  • Data Wiping: Irreversibly destructs data

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7(32/64 Bit)
  • Windows Vista (32/64 Bit)
  • Windows XP Home Edition SP2
  • Windows XP Professional SP2/SP3 (32/64 Bit)
  • Windows 2000 Professional SP4

Supported HDD Interfaces

  • Parallel ATA (IDE)
  • Serial ATA (SATA)
  • External SATA (eSATA) HDD
  • SCSI
  • All levels of SCSI, IDE and SATA RAID controllers
  • Full support of RAIDed configurations (hardware RAIDs)
  • IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
  • USB 1.0/2.0
  • Support large hard disks (both MBR- and GPT-formatted)
  • PC card storage devices

Supported CD/DVD and other Removable Media Formats

  • CD-R
  • CD-RW
  • DVD-R
  • DVD-RW
  • DVD+R
  • DVD+RW
  • DVD+/-R (DL)
  • BD-R
  • BD-RE
  • Support for ZIP®, Jazz® and other removable media

Supported File Systems

  • NTFS (v1.2, v3.0, v3.1)
  • FAT16
  • FAT32
  • Linux Ext2FS
  • Linux Ext3FS
  • Linux Ext4FS
  • Linux Swap
  • Apple HFS+
  • Other file systems (in sector-by-sector mode)

General System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Pentium CPU or its equivalent, with 300 MHz (1000MHz for Windows PE Recovery CD) or higher processor clock speed
  • RAM: 256 MB required (512 MB for Windows PE Recovery CD)
  • Disk space: 390 MB 
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher 
  • Mouse
  • SVGA video adapter and monitor
  • Extra: CD/DVD/BD  Drive
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